Friday, August 31, 2012


Work Good for Everybody !

No matter what you do, work connects us all. We depend on one another's work. Together, it's how we build, create, teach, rewire, heal and grow what's important. And this Labor Day weekend there's a new way for you to go that extra mile and thank someone special in your life. The AFL-CIO is launching a new tool that allows you to thank someone who makes a difference in your life.
Maybe it's the first coworker you ever had, the smiling face whom you buy coffee from each morning or the mail carrier who always has a good story to tell. Will you share your thanks now, with the AFL-CIO's new tool? You can send a video or an e-card message to the people whose work helps make your life better.
You can probably think of plenty of workers in your life who deserve thanks-the teachers who inspire your children, the firefighters who keep us safe, the nurses who heal our wounds or the electricians who keep the lights on. It might be workers you sometimes forget about-the waitresses who served your dinner, the accountants who worried about your taxes so you didn't have to or the mail carriers who got your package there in time for your mom's birthday.
We want everyone to know their work matters. Say thanks to the workers in your life today.

In Solidarity,

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