Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RX DRUG`S > (S. 3187/H.R. 5651) To The Highest Bidder !

Government, Be It Republican or Democrat Are FAILING the 99% That`s US~A

by Don Jones = Underdog...6/20/12

Are you sick and tired of our politicians playing got`cha, with each other ? All the time, our country is failing almost all of us in the 99% ! Have we all gone nuts ? one advantage the politicians have, is never ending money from US the American Tax-Payer ! I`m sick of it. I saw a bumper sticker the other day, it said "Don`t Re-Elect Anybody"! Think about it, our Congressmen/Women have an unlimited resource, OUR MONEY ! This is not a partisan problem. DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS alike are both to blame. They have but one thing in common, getting our tax dollar$. WE pay their $alary, perk$, Medical in$urance, tran$portation, they take their friend$ and spou$e`s on fact finding trip$ (only the best for elected officials) and we pay for their offices in our states and Washington DC. Folks they take our money and then bribe us with it. Then they sell their vote to the highest bidder. As one of our great American patriot`s says, "You know what makes me sick" ? Our ELECTED OFFICIAL$ ! Prescription drugs are out of control. Medical Insurance company`s out of control. As a Heart-Transplant Patient, I deal with both almost on a daily basis ! As I write this blog, our politicians are debating the Prescription drug plan. It seems they do not want to import drugs from Canada or any Country for that matter. Why not ? WE import everything else, act now to counter this threat! Insurance company's are spending millions/zillions on this bill (S. 3187/H.R. 5651) trying to defeat it ! WHY ? MONEY ! I have been on a drug called TYVASO, it`s cost was outrageous ! Medicare paid for it. $12,ooo.oo per month ! I could`nt have paid for it. As our great American Patriot say`s, "Better Wake Up America" ! We elect these so-called Representatives, they just want to serve, the next time I hear that, I think, I`ll throw up ! They serve themselves ! They (politicians) have successfully divided America ! How to get the American people back together, short of revolution ? That is the QUE$TION ? "God Bless America"! Our Politicians will serve only as long as they can get RICH on US~A !

" two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"! a well-armed lamb contesting the Vote.

"Loyalty to Country, Always. Loyalty to the Government when it Deserves it." !

Fiat Lux

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Anonymous said...

The Tennessee Democratic party is holding an organizing training session this Saturday in Union City if you are interested. There are also other sessions in Nashville, Clarkesville and a few other places. There's more details on their website.