Wednesday, May 16, 2012


by Underdog = Don Jones <> 5/16/12

This writer has not written anything about Titan Tire and Rubber Company, in Union City Tennessee, the former Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, in a time now. I have heard rumors that they are now working approximately 100 employees. All hiring is done through Hamilton/Rycker or a job placement facility. You report to work at Titan, you are hired and paid through These job placement facility`s. I`m told that wages range from $8.00 per hour to $17.00 per hour. Remember, these job placement facility`s get their share out of those amounts. There are no fringe benefits. No Health insurance. No benefits of any kind. No vacation or time off. I`m being told, that as soon as they are up and running, a continuous operation will be put in place. I do know, that Titan and the United Steelworkers are in negotiations in Ohio and Illinois ! Trust me, Titan does not want a Free-Democratic Union in Union City ! I`m elated on the one hand, that jobs are being made available in Union City Tennessee. On the other hand, these jobs are going to be less than you might think. One can only hope and pray, that safety is not one of the benefits that is totally ignored ? The rubber industry is a classified as a heavy industry. Goodyear/Titan ? are they really the same ? I`ve been informed, that Titan is running Banbury`s 7 and 8 daily. They intend to operate the wire calendars. They intend to build tires for Caterpillar ? I have also learned that Titan intends to top out at 900 employees sometime this year ? If you now work at Titan Union City, and would like to correct me on any of this, please feel free to do so. I will keep your comments/corrections strictly confidential ! Remember, I worked in the Union City Tennessee for almost 25 years. I have some fond memory`s of this once great plant.

“The past is the cause of the present and the present will be cause of the future” !

Fiat Lux

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Billy Bob said...

I am a Tool and Die Maker and an ex-employee of Goodyear. I worked in Mold and Die Department when they closed it. Do you know if Titan will need anyone to rebuild machines or work on molds. I have a good paying job as a Tool and Die Maker now but I have to drive over 80 miles a day. I would really like to get a job back home in Union City. If you know anything please let me know.