Friday, May 25, 2012




Contact Mr Holt here > < Not that it will do any good !

I have just been informed that our State Representative from Dresden, Mr. Andy Holt(R) 76th.District, has been voting against working/middle class citizens of Tennessee. Surprise, surprise, surprise. How do you like him now Tennesseans of the 76th. District ? This writer has been trying to connect with our illustrious State Rep. ever since he was elected, to no avail ! Not only, is he not interested in my opinion, he`s not interested anyone`s opinion, who does not agree with him ! Goodbye Mr. Holt, I hope ?

Trying to be as honest and forthright, as I can, Mr. Holt voted against The Jobs Package. It seems that these ideas came from our small business owners, the very people who create and make jobs for Tennesseans. Andy Holt and the Republican Majority voted against this bill ? Andy Holt and his Tea-Party colleagues refused to vote for HB 2323 the Unemployment act which would have given tax credit to any business that hired people off of the unemployment rolls. Kinda looks like Mr. Holt talks a good game, but does`nt follow through. The Republican Majority, of which Mr Holt belongs, refused to vote for HB 2079, this would have given Tennessee contractors first, keeping your tax dollars here, rather than sending to CHINA or MEXICO ? Mr. Holt`s Majority Republicans voted against HB 2314, the back to work act, which would have invested $15,000,000 in our technology centers for updating equipment and expanding programs. I heard a advertisement on our local radio station, from Mr. Holt praising our teachers and this is good. The problem is, Mr. Holt has been attacking our teachers from his first day in office. It seems that Mr. Holt is guilty of the very things, he said he was not, a typical politician, who will say one thing and vote/do another ! Folks, stuff like this is to important to make it up ! Mr. Holt has told me, I make these things up ? I have an idea, just look up his voting record ! It is as simple as chess pie, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANDY HOLT(R) Tea-Partier EVER AGAIN ! I repeat myself, "How do you like him now Tennesseans of the 76th. District ? ? ? I Don`t ! Remember, Mr Holt, know`s what`s good for you, You do not !

" two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"! a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

Fiat Lux


Bobby Brown said...

Andy Holt -----------?????????????//////////. That is about the best I can say for this guy and I didn't say man either

Anonymous said...

Andy Holt would love to have horses bred and raised for slaughter. UT graduates like myself believe he less about human workers animals or anything else
Who supports him?