Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rep. Andy Holt (R)Tennessee District#76~News !

Tennessee District#76

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by Underdog = Don Jones...3/24/12

I have read in my local Weakley County Press that Rep. Andy Holt(R) 76th. District-Dresden, Tennessee, has finally reigned from the Weakley County Board of Commissioners. Rep. Holt was actually holding two positions in government. He was first elected to the County Commission in District#1. He then ran for the 76th. District State Representatives office and was elected. (I`m not sure this is illegal ? It is definitely not needed !) At a meeting of the County Commission, he announced that he would resign, with one contingency, he would pick/name his own replacement. Chairman of the Commissioners, Jimmy Westbrook, in formed Rep. Holt, it did not work that way ! Our TEA/Republican Party friend has very definite ideas. I do not have a problem with Rep. Holt making a recommendation to the commission, in fact it could be a good thing ? Where I have a problem, is with any elected official naming his own successor. This Should not happen ! Mr. Holt wanted to name Bobby Dunlap as his replacement. I don`t know Mr. Dunlap, perhaps he would have been a good choice ? Perhaps not ? As long as Jimmy Westbrook is chairing the County Commission, the proper procedure will be followed. The County Commission on the recommendation of Commissioner John Salmon, appointed James Bynum for District#1-Commissioner. Our Tennessee Legislators are in Nashville passing laws lickety -split. Some of those laws are GUN Laws. Not too Good ! It is almost to the point of paranoia. If they keep up this senseless passing of Gun Laws. Tennessee (legal)permit citizens, won`t know the law and will need a booklet just for hand-gun carriers alone. How silly. Mr. Holt, you can help this situation, if you so desire ? The House also passed a bill to allow public buildings to display, "such historically significant documents" As the Ten Commandments, the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence. The Chamber voted 93-0 ! Boy, that's impressive. A non-partisan vote. That`ll get you some votes come election time. (Now do not misunderstand me, I like these laws. Of course, I`m of the Christian/majority persuasion.)I`m wondering if our legislators ever considered what to do, when a Muslim, Hindu or for that matter a Buddist, ever petition them for their historic words out of the Koran or Hindu Books placed on our public buildings ? While all of this may sound good, it could very easily become a slippery slope ! Our lawmakers are still after our teachers. Now, they want to close teacher evaluation data ? Why ? Is it not a part of the public record ? A better question, who does s this evaluation and for what purpose ? Who makes the determination on these evaluations ? one last thing. Rep. Andy Holt(R) Dresden/Palmersville is the new kid on the block, and that is just fine. Who does he listen too ? Ever who it might be, I suggest you find some new advisers. I can name you several, if you ask me ! "Stick a Fork in Me, I`m Done"!

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Bobby Brown said...

Andy Holt is where he can help the people but all I have seen is he is for Andy.When I talked to him he tried to tell me what I am. Now I am a retired truck driver, but can think for myself. I just can't belive how they are after the teachers,they are the back bone of this nation. I guess in Andy's thinking he is self taught. Just my thoughts thanks

Heather said...

Andy is only thinking for himself. He is a despicable human being. Quote me now, that come November, he will no longer be in this seat, and I will have one BIG party when that happens!!!