Thursday, March 22, 2012



by Underdog = Don Jones


I have a man who reads my blog religiously. I do not know, who he is ? I do know, he is out of Paducah Kentucky. He does`nt agree with me on anything. This blog/article is dedicated to him.

Not only does he read my blog daily, he searches my archives and reads past articles. He calls me names, not too nice names.Why he reads my blog is beyond me. He does`nt agree with anything, I write. He writes comments to be posted on my blog. He always signs anonymously. Of course, I do not publish them. In fact, I usually read the first paragraph and then delete. I believe he know`s me. He calls me by my first name. Just today, he wrote that President Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO and Jimmy P. Hoffa, General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, should be in jail. Of course these statements are based on his facts. Dear Paducah Sir, You are entitled to your opinion, just as I am. We do not put people in jail based your opinion. You see, in my opinion both of these men are American Patriots ! Our Paducah critic seems to blame everything on our news media. Of for that matter, anyone who does`nt agree with his philosophy. He says he has a great education. It does`nt show. He says that the RICH owe me nothing. I agree. However, they do owe this great Country something. I think they should pay their fair share of TAX`S instead of hiding their accounts off-shore ! Just today, he said, "You call yourself a "Christian" man ? "You are a HYPOCRITE and a UNION GOON" sympathizer, that's what you are ! Yes, Paducah sir, I not only call myself a Christian, I am one ! Hypocrite ? My opinions are my opinions. Union Goon ? I`m not sure what that is ? I know, that I believe you are wrong more than you are right. I`m not a physician/psychiatrist. I do believe you would better serve yourself and others by not reading my blog ! In today's world, you would be called a stalker. Please be kind to those who disagree with you. He says that all Union workers are Crooks and Lazy. Wrong ! He is still blaming all our problems on President Bill Clinton. Wrong ! I`m just guessing, but, I bet Paducah sir is a TEA-Party Republican. In 1933 Adolph Hitler made a speech in Munich or Berlin, I can`t remember which now. I suggest that Paducah Sir, read it. Being that you are so big on history. My final bit of advice, STOP Reading my Blog. It just seems to upset you so much. At times your critique is longer than my BLOG ? You are not only wasting my time, but yours. Paducah Sir, "May The God of Love and Peace Delight to Dwell with and Bless You !

Fiat Lux

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Anonymous said...

Dear Paducah Sir ; 3/22/12

This will be my last communication with you. After reading you`re latest comment, I have decided you are a SICK MAN ! NUFF SAID ! GET HELP ! I appreciate your service to our country as a Marine. You are not the only person to do that, including this writer/Army. I`m sorry, you considered my prayer for YOU, Hypocritical. God Bless!
UNDERDOG = Don Jones