Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I AM THE 99% !

Just Woke Up ! 99%

Free Sticker here >

The Wall Street banks, the media, and the 1% are watching to see if public support for the 99% movement drops off as winter sets in. We all know that the movement will grow over the coming months and years. But it's up to us to spread the word and make our solidarity as visible as possible this winter. You can help by signing up to get a free 99% sticker here:
Get your free sticker! Our friends at the Working Families Party designed the stickers and we're trying to help distribute them nationwide. Put it on your car, your laptop, or any visible location and together we can help make it clear that the 99% movement isn't going anywhere. Just click here and order your free sticker:

Thank you, for all you do,

Underdog = Don Jones

Thanks to my friend in Hersey Michigan, Mr. Steve Sauter for this one ! If you enjoy poetry, try his(you`ll love it) here >

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