Friday, December 02, 2011

Equal Justice Under the Law ?

Supreme Court ~ Appointed for Life ! Bad/Good Idea ?

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has significant conflicts of interest that make it impossible for him to render a fair, impartial decision in the health care case being reviewed by the Court. Political groups determined to repeal or overturn the Affordable Care Act have been filling Thomas's family bank account for years. His wife Virginia has been a crusader in the campaign to defeat the law. She has raised money and taken money from organized efforts to kill health reform. It's time for Clarence Thomas to recuse himself - join our letter to Associate Justice Thomas TODAY. Justice Thomas personally has aligned himself with political activists and organizations dedicated to thwarting the new health care law. He spoke at a secret conclave run by the billionaire Koch Brothers to raise funds for organizations like Americans for Prosperity. Seventy-four members of the House of Representatives have even taken the highly unusual step of requesting that Justice Thomas remove himself from participation in deliberations on the Affordable Care Act. If Justice Thomas fails to recuse himself, it will threaten the integrity of the entire Supreme Court. It's time to send Clarence Thomas a message: recuse yourself.

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