Thursday, September 22, 2011

What we Need is a "Little Good News Today" !

America at the Crossroads !
by: Don Jones = Underdog


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Anne Murray recorded a song about America "A Little Good News Today" ! On days like today, it is most difficult remain an optimist. I love our Country/America. Our Congressman/Senators are talking Government shut-down again,. President Obama is still trying to appease the Republicans. Republicans seem to hate Social Security and middle class people in general Click here to help . Politician`s are sending all of our manufacturing jobs to foreign country`s. We have cut tax`$ for the rich, they have all their cash and taxable items off-shore. There are not enough working tax payers to make up that huge RICH Tax Cut ! We have troops all over the world. The Stock Market had a very bad day, today. Now, who is to blame for this mess ? Our elected politicians. It does`nt take a rocket scientist to realize that with no jobs, we have fewer tax payers. Yet we still send millions to foreign countries for foreign aid ? Charity/Love is a marvelous attribute. I too, believe in helping our neighbors. However, Charity/Love begins at Home ! It seems our politicians are so busy helping themselves and those who give them money, they have forgotten US-A ! What to do about it ? I`m not sure ? At one time, I thought, I knew how to cure this problem, and to be sure, I think, I still have some answers. It`s just that our politicians are so busy jockeying for position, they are allowing our Country to fall into an abyss. It is not the grassroots Americans that are the problem, it is our elected and appointed career government workers. It is a bad day for America. Things will not get better, until we bring our jobs back. No jobs, no tax-payers. It is as simple/difficult as that. The ball is in President Obama`s court. It must be his decision. I say, "Give Em H*** "! Harry/Barack ! Bring our great country back from this great abyss/oblivion ! Click here to Help ! Not a pretty picture ! Can we rebound ? Yes. Only if we have a Franklin D. Roosevelt or Harry Truman or Dwight Eisenhower, take the reins. Unfortunately, I do not see one yet ! Politicians "The Real Problem"! You Bet`Cha !

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