Friday, September 09, 2011

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. ~ American Hero ! Go Teamsters ! Faux News~Funny !

"I Can`t Believe That Commie Pinko, Leg Breaking Mafia Thug Hoffa is stooping to Incendiary Rhetoric."!
By. Mike Thompson...Detroit Free Press

The folks at Faux News are distressed over comments made by Teamsters President Jim Hoffa during his Labor Day speech in Detroit, claiming that Hoffa's remarks were "alarming."

Faux News aired a line from the speech in which Hoffa said, “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march.” An article posted at the Faux News website immediately after Hoffa's speech read: "That a labor union has formed a private army should concern everyone.
Such an army can have only one purpose: to start a bloody war inside this country. Union members have obviously swapped their hard hats for military helmets, shouldered arms and are preparing to start a shooting war inside this great nation of ours." “This Teamsters army is to be feared indeed” said Faux News host Greta Sans Substance said on Monday. “The union represents pilots for several airlines meaning that this new army will obviously also have a formidable air force. They also represent port employees so I’m certain that Hoffa will be raising a private navy next.” “Hoffa’s remarks are clearly the opening shot in a civil war,” Faux News host Sean [H]Inanity added. “Hoffa referred to his organization as an ‘army’ and stated they were awaiting marching orders. So clearly the man has raised a private army and is preparing for battle. What other interpretation of Hoffa’s remarks could there possibly be? “

Editorial : You gotta admit this is hilarious. However, the sad part is that Faux News, promotes crap like this ! I know Jimmy Hoffa Jr. Personally, his honesty and integrity are impeccable.

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