Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Working Mans View on Jobs & Trade !

By : David Whorley...8/21/11

David Whorley is my friend and brother, we both worked at Goodyear Union City Tennessee, before retirement. He says our views are not the same ? Are You sure ?

I have not seen any info in your Underdog > < about Biden going to China to sell us out and pat them on the back. When State Rep. 77th. District Tennessee, Bill Sanderson went to China, I noticed you had it front and center. That’s why I watch Fox news instead of all the liberal stations that back Barack Obama. CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC (totally out of line), and others. I listen in on them now and then and get sick real fast then go on over to Fox and get a “Fair and Balanced” news cast with both Democrats and Republicans meeting face to face to air differences. I see where Coca-Cola is going to invest 4 billion in China to increase market share and “cut operating costs.” This means we’ll be drinking Chinese made cola before long. GE just announced that they were going to move their 106 year old x-ray division to China. This is one of Obama’s pet companies that pay no taxes and they’re still leaving. What in heck is going on in this country. Has union labor pushed us out of the market ? I think some pay is on the high side but not extremely out of range. Is our health care pushing these companies away? Instead of building relations with a country that pays 3 and 4 dollar an hour wages and has one of the worst human rights records of any country, I think instead that we should be going the other way from China. This country of ours is falling down fast, especially the last three years. When is this individual going to make good on just ONE of his campaign promises from the first election let alone what he is sooth saying trying to get elected again. I sure wished that some Democrat would have ran against him. I rather have a billy goat in office than him. No leadership ability at all and never once has he accepted any of this as his. Always blames someone else or something else. I don’t think the country can stand another term under his lack of leadership. And what gets me is ALL of the other liberals think he is a god or something. Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Clinton, and all the anti Constitution team side with him on everything, no questions asked. Now he and Clinton are trying their best to let the darn United Nations set gun policy for the US. If this bull crap passes then we will be disarmed and have no way to fight back at all. Just like Britain is going through right now. Jefferson said once that one of the main reasons for the right to keep and bear arms is to protect ourselves from a government turned to tyranny. Why does`nt Obama lower the tax burden on businesses and let them be assured of a low tax structure for a long period of time so they can expand, re-build, re-tool, and get this nation back to work. If business is successful then the people will benefit from it. I know you don’t like to hear the “trickle down” effect, but when corporations make money the workers make money too. They have job security, and wages that they can depend on to be there for them. Dang Don.....I did not mean to get so far away from my “hit” line, I wanted to send you. Sorry. Just wanted you to know that the Dems are as far in bed with China as the GOP is.

Editorial : David Whorley is a Friend and Brother, we both worked at Goodyear Union City Tennessee. Fox News is not NEWS. It is Commentary/Opinion-Conservative ! Same for MSNBC-Liberal ! Want the real news, PBS-WLJT-TV Channel 11. Yes, Health Care is a high cost item on Manufacturing/Industry ! You are correct in your assessment of Unions, They are not the problem...low China wages and third world Country`s. And your estimate is too high...more like 0.48 per hour. The Vice-President in this writers opinion has and should travel the world as his country`s & Presidents Ambassador. A local state rep. NAW ! Just a nice trip at someones/ours/lobbyist/ expense. Dems and Republicans in same bed, you bet`cha !

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