Monday, August 08, 2011

Buy American Made ! If You Can ?

Buy American Made ! It is Difficult !

Hi Don,

I need new tires for my van.
Tell me which companies make their tires in the USA ?

Enclosed is part of a web site form "how to buy American" it indicates that Goodyear are made in the USA.

I don't care that Goodyear is American owned , I want an American Co. that manufactures in the USA.

Have a good one,

Tires :

Over 90% of the tires Cooper sells to our market are American made. Most Goodyear tires are made in America as well. As I was waiting to have new set of American-made Cooper tires put on my Lincoln Town Car at my local tire store, I looked through at all the Goodyear tires they had in stock and the foreign-made ones were not easy to find. You can buy foreign-owned brands like Michelin that are made in the USA, but why buy an American-made tire from a foreign company when you can buy an American-made tire from an American company?

Brand Name Nationality :

Cooper American
Goodyear American ; Maybe ? - Better Check it out Closely !
Kelly Springfield American ; Maybe - Check it Out Closely !
BF Goodrich France ; Some here, some there ? Better Check.
Michelin France Non-Union ; Better Check it out Closely !
Firestone Japan ; Some here Some there !
Continental Germany ; A Few Here Some there !

Note:These listings are part of over 20,000 brand name products and services in the third edition of How Americans Can Buy American:

The Power of Consumer Patriotism.
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How Americans Can Buy American :

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Editorial : This is from my friend in Hersey MI., Steve Sauter ! Remember, because it is an American Company, does not mean, Made in the USA ! Better Check it out ! Goodyear comes to mind.

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