Monday, May 16, 2011

It`s Good Jobs ~ Stupid !

Richard Trumka : Create Good Jobs to Strengthen
Medicare, Social Security

by James Parks, May 13, 2011

Creating good jobs is the key to rebuilding the economy and improving the long-term financial health of Social Security, Medicare and our entire safety net, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in a statement today.

The trustees for the two programs separately reported today that the financial condition of the programs worsened last year, a situation Trumka says was caused by slow economic growth and a lack of new job creation. But the Medicare Trust Fund is in better shape now than it was before health reform was passed and the Social Security Trust Fund can still pay full benefits for the next 25 years, he said. Trumka added that “reckless and unpopular” Republican proposals to privatize Medicare and Social Security “will do nothing to create jobs or jump start the economy.” We can all agree that we must do more to make our entire health care system—not just Medicare and Medicaid—more cost-effective, but shifting more health care costs onto working families does not accomplish that goal.

Editorial : All I keep hearing from the Republicans is balance the budget...Ban Unions, privatize Social Security and cut Medicare ! Sounds good to me, if your rich. Funny, they never mention good jobs anymore ! I know... we can give more tax-breaks to billionaires and millionares ! That`ll fix everything ! When pigs fly !

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