Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Republicans are Poachers ! The Party of The RICH !

Robin Hood Rides Again ! Republicans Take from the Poor and Give to the Rich !
by: Don Jones = Underdog

Do you ever get just plain disgusted with our politics ? I do ! It seems, that it does`nt matter who we (middle class) elect, we get it taken from us to give our millionaire's a break. They say, they need a break from tax`s to create jobs. The problem is they do not create jobs in the good ole USA. They create them in other countries. Am I missing something ? Why do multi-millionaires need a tax break, and we middle class pay more tax`s, than they do ? Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and a host of other billionaires, say, (we as in Buffet and Gates) do not need a tax break ! Who are the millionaires who need this tax break ? Perhaps we need to take up a collection for them ? Now, I voted for President Obama, because he was going to institute change. In some instances, he did. In others he has not ! Pardon me, but, it just seems that we are in a class war. I make no apologies for that fact. If you do not believe me, listen to the Republican rhetoric. They are telling you, that tax breaks for the rich are necessary to create jobs. If that is true, why are`nt we just covered up in jobs ? The tax breaks for the rich has been in place since George W. Bush was President. We are in debt up to our eyes. We borrow money at an all time high. Obama, inherited a monetary crisis almost unparalleled. He has successfully saved our Automobile Industry single handed. I`m afraid Obama will cut a deal with the Republicans and leave the tax breaks for the rich, in place for a trade off on something else. If we incur bills like we are, then we need to pay them. He has stopped the war in Iraq. He has not stopped the war in Afghanistan. My one big question is, what has happened to our fixing TRADE ? It`s Trade, that is cooking our goose. You rarely hear anything about it. If we are going to be third world Country, then things are going pretty well. If we do not want to be third world country, we must fix Trade ! I call it our race to the bottom. Our Politicians encourage manufacturers to go to other countries to get the benefit of cheap wages ! Most Republicans are Anti-Union. Most workers need one ! It`s all about Tax Cuts for the RICH. I predict that Republicans will hold up any legislation until they get their Tax Breaks for the RICH ! President Obama needs to stand up to them and (As they Did Just Say NO!) I`ve ranted long enough, I hate that I`ve had to rant at all ! Our Race to the bottom continues. Just one more thing, if you live in Tennessee, our two U.S. Senators Alexander and Corker (R`s) Vote for the Rich on a regular basis ! Both are Anti-Union. They voted against minimum wage ! They voted against the Automobile stimulus. They oppose Healthcare. They oppose unemployment benefits.So, in essence we Tennesseans get what we vote for ! Want to inform Senators Alexander and Corker (R`s) from Tennessee of your disappointment in their representation ? click on this link or the title of this article ! > <

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