Friday, December 03, 2010

Lifeline ~ God Help Us ! ~ The Republicans Won`t !

God Help Us ! The Republicans Won`t !

You need to watch this video. It made me furious, and it made me cry. It’s a powerful reminder of the real faces behind unemployment statistics. It’s about three minutes and it’s worth every second—so I hope you’ll turn up your speakers and watch the whole thing. The same senators who are fighting to charge $700 billion in tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires to our national credit card say extending unemployment is “too expensive” and “must be paid for.” Meanwhile, more than one person a second is losing his or her lifeline.
If this video doesn’t fuel your outrage and give you a sense of the human cost of delay on emergency unemployment, nothing will. Please watch and send a strong message to your members of Congress. Tell them to restore unemployment insurance benefits for jobless workers who are being cut off right now at the rate of more than one a second. Then, share this video with your friends and ask them to take action, too.
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Let’s fix this outrage. If you live in Tennessee ?
Contact Senators Alexander & Corker (R`s) Tennessee here > also your Congressman/women > <

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