Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tennessee County Clerks~Organ/Donor Awareness Program

Organ/Donation...The Gift of Life !
By: Don Jones...11/12/08

I have today visited my County Court Clerk in Dresden Tennessee to purchase my license plate for my old truck, cost $65.00 per year. The real cost is $64.00, but back a few years ago, our clerks adopted the Organ/Donor program across the state of Tennessee. When you purchase your license plates, you can donate $1.00 to the County Court Clerks Organ/Donor Awareness program. What a nice thing to do ! These clerks were not mandated to this, they volunteered. My/Our County Court Clerk, Ms. Pat Scarborough not only does a great job, but is on the statewide board to oversee this wonderful life saving project. "Thank You" Pat ! She not only works hard on this program that is close to my heart (no pun intended) but, she has a nice clear collection box on her counter, where she serves us/you, kinda like McDonald's has on their counter. She said today, that she does quite well in her on counter collections. So, when you are in her office to purchase your plates or for any other business, that you might have with her office, donate to her/our Organ/Donor Awareness fund for Tennesseans across this state who are waiting on life saving organs. So, my hat is off to the Tennessee County Court Clerks association, who do such a great work for this program !

"Give The Gift of life, Be an Organ/Tissue Donor, it`s The Masonic Thing to Do"!

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