Friday, October 31, 2008

Tennessee Valley Authority...CEO`S Out of Control !

TVA, You Should Be Completely Ashamed Of Yourself
Oct 30th, 2008
by newscoma.

KAG reports this:
Within weeks of the largest rate increase for consumers in recent memory, TVA has upped its CEO’s salary to $850,000. I am speechless. Even if their only interest is in public relations, this is a bad, bad move. Just as with Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe makeover, it’s bad form to lavish money like this when your fellow Americans are in a world of hurt. I couldn’t agree more with her post. People are wondering what they are going to do and then you read about crap like this.

Meeting in Nashville, board members approved improving President and CEO Tom Kilgore’s compensation from about $2.7 million to $3.27 million, effective with the next fiscal year.
Kilgore’s base salary of $600,000 has remained the same since he became CEO in 2006. He said after the meeting he would not decline the board’s decision to raise it to $850,000.
Un-Damn-Believable. I guess will just burn fires in the yard to keep warm this winter. The deal is done already. But it doesn’t make the burn of this any left. Everyone I know, including myself, are looking at getting part-time jobs. It’s a sinking ship for some folks.
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Editorial : I read this on Newscomas blog...I had to re-print it ! This is as she said, Un-*AMN believable ! CRAP is a nice word for it ! Tennesseans if this does not upset you...then you can`t be upset. You have been *crewed again !

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