Sunday, March 16, 2008

Addictions ~ An insight into the World of Drugs

By : Steve Sauter

Listen please ! to this prediction.The death of freedom may be addiction. Don't know what I mean, don't have a clue ? Think of the things you just have to do.You may think that no one knows what causes that odor upon your clothes.You give it power, when the habit lingers,that creates those stains upon your fingers. Perhaps you think there is more bounce,in a life consumed by the ounce.There will come a time, you'll need support,when you're consuming life by the quart. Say ! What is the big alarm, a little needle hole in your arm.Tell me again how life just glows, when you're sniffing that stuff -- up your nose. I know you say it's just for fun. All day and night you play twenty one. Knowing you can " quit anytime ", I still find it funny; you never leave the table until you're out of money.Think, if you will, back to the start,that private addition to a body part.That compulsion that almost makes you bleed. when sex is not love, but a driving need.What's that ? Don't call you a jerk ! It's just you really like your work.You'll find it really hard to surmount, that reliance upon a bank account. I mention this and you'll call me crude but are you addicted to your food.You can stop eating, but I have a hunch,You'll suggest we discuss it over lunch.There are no habits you can't stop --you tell me as you leave to shop. Communication would improve, I'll bet, if we just turn off - that TV set. And couldn't we talk by the hour about - how good it feels to be in power.That feeling, " you have things under control",comes from your mind - not your soul. If judging others is your thing, the truth of this might just ring."I'm not like the others, it's plain to see", heard the scribe say to the Pharisee. Please ! Give yourself some space keep these things within their place. Control these habits we shouldn't mention there are things that deserve our attention. Search for the power that dwells within,That's where your freedom will begin.One last thing that is for sure putting your life in God is the cure.


Steve Sauter 1998

The author of this poem, is my Friend, Steve Sauter. Thanks Steve, this is so insightful.

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