Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sam Odom, Past-President URWA~Labor Giant in Union City TN

It is my sad duty to inform you that our beloved Past-President, Bro. Sam Odom of Local#878-Union City Tennessee, Goodyear Plant, has today passed away ! What a tremendous loss it is , not only for labor, but, the entire community ! Sam was the first President of Local#878-Union City, Goodyear ! I remember the first words, I ever spoke to Sam. He was up in a pick-up truck bed, trying to get us/workers to return to work. We were on a wildcat strike at the time. Wildcats were common in the early 70`s ! Goodyear treated us like dogs. They did not want us to organize, but, in so doing, they literally helped us create one of the most dynamic locals in the URW ! He told us to go back to work. I hollered up at him, Lead the way Sam ! Of course, he did not. But, he had fulfilled his obligatory duties`s as President. Sam, was President when we organized, he had very little power, except his charismatic way with his members. He was one of the fairest men, I have ever met ! Sam Odom, probably will not go down in the annals of history, as say, Walter Reuther or John L. Lewis, but he should ! I, as a member and voter for Bro. Sam Odom, will always cherish his memory and remember his contributions to free democratic trade unions. I considered Sam, my friend, and he was ! I think, I could go on and write more, I think, I will stop here. "Thank You" Bro. Sam Odom, my friend, my president, I know, that your family loved you and I know, that we loved you. You`ll be missed my friend !

Bro. Sam Odom, will be at White-Ransom Funeral Home in Union City Tennessee.

You may pay your respects on friday February 29, 2008 from 5:00pm. til 8:00pm.

His funeral will be Saturday at 11:00am. White-Ransom Funeral Home.

Bro. Jim Hurt, will conduct a Masonic Funeral service for Bro. Sam Odom, member of Union City#538...Saturday March 1, 2008 @ 11:00am. @ White-Ransom Funeral Home in Union City Tennessee...please attend if you can.

"Saving America" "Sam Odom, made it Better" !

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