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After Election day, Will China Still Matter?
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With 18 days to go until election day, it’s nearly decision time.  The candidates have spent millions of dollars on ads promising to boost American manufacturing and to crack down on China’s cheating.
We're very pleased that China has become such a central issue in the campaign, with both President Obama and Governor Romney competing to prove that they can be tougher on Beijing.
But the charges and counter-charges, the attack ads and responses, have done little to help define where President Obama and Mitt Romney truly stand on these issues.
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So what to believe?  President Obama promised in 2008 to hold China accountable for currency manipulation, but hasn't.  However, he has made some bold moves to enforce U.S. trade law.
Governor Romney says he wants to designate China as a currency manipulator on day one of his presidency.  But his record of outsourcing during his tenure at Bain Capital, and his opposition to safeguard action for the U.S. tire industry, puts his conviction in question.
Will the final debate this Monday night shed any new light on these important issues?  And what happens when the campaign ends?
We've published a new op-ed that decodes the real messages on China and manufacturing.  Please read it and share it with your friends.
Thankfully, the U.S. won a victory at the World Trade Organization (WTO) this week when it upheld a major Administration trade enforcement action against China.  But there's more work to do.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

Excitement and momentum is building! We have a dedicated team of volunteers in Weakley County who have been coming out week in and week out for months to help re-elect the president. Now we are in the final 2 weeks and need to pull out all of the stops. If you are interested in making calls from home - or could spread the word that we have events happening multiple times per week, that would be great. Keep up the great work, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.
Nicolle Crist