Monday, September 10, 2012


Sisters and brothers,

Hope DeliveredMy name is Karrie Turner.  I’m a proud Steelworker wife – married to the love of my life, Craig, and a mommy to three young boys: Travis, Trenton and Tucker.

I’m writing to share my story and to ask you to please keep fighting for me and my family.
As a member of USW Local 7248, Craig works hard every day.  In October 2005, when our first-born Travis was just 9 months old, our world was turned upside down. Our baby was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer.
Travis was so sick he almost died. And just three months into his treatment, our insurance company kicked him off because the cost of his care had reached $1 million.  You can watch our story here.  

Watch Travis' Story

Craig and I were devastated and shocked. How could this happen? We did everything we were supposed to do.  My husband went to work every day and paid for good benefits. But that didn’t matter to the insurance company. So Travis was forced onto Medicaid, and we spent the next few years fighting like heck to get the health care our son so desperately needed. Now, at age 7, Travis is in remission and back on Craig’s insurance because the Affordable Health Care Act championed by the USW and signed by President Obama bans the kind of lifetime caps that allowed our son to be dropped.
Some call this law “Obamacare” and promise to repeal it. Our family calls it an answer to our prayers, and we’re counting on you to help us protect it. I’m not a political person, or a union official or wealthy campaign donor. I’m just a mom.  And as a mom, I’ll do everything in my power to protect my kids.  President Obama fought for my son. Now, my family is fighting for him. Will you please join us?  And when you cast your vote on Nov. 6, please remember my son.

Thank you,

Karrie Turner
Pioneer, Ohio

"Loyalty to country, always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it." !

" two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"! a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.
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