Sunday, April 24, 2011

Religion and Politics ? Never Mix~ Live It !

Now We Know Why Our Government and Religion Should be Kept Separate !

by : Underdog = Don Jones

I have watched this morning on T.V. a round table discussion of religion and politics/government. Those present were a Muslim, A black Christian, Rev. Al Sharpton, a Catholic Female, Cokie Roberts, a Jew, Cokie`s Husband, and Richard Land from the Southern Baptist Convention. First, I`d say to the Southern Baptist Convention, keep Richard Land of off these kind of discussions. He comes off mean spirited and very, I am and you are not ! In this writers opinion, he does more harm than good. Oops, did I forget to mention, I am a Baptist/Christian ? Al Sharpton got it right, "We must Love one another". The Muslim gentleman, sorry, I do not recall his name. Ask us not to judge all Muslim's by the actions of a few. Does that sound familiar ? Jesus asked us to help the poor, starving, and the afflicted. He never ministered to the ultra rich. Are there those among us who really do not need help, but seek it out ? Certainly. I ask you to not judge all who need help, by the actions of a few. I believe that those politicians who wear their religion on their arms in an attempt to get your/Christian vote, are wolves in sheep's clothing. Now, we Christians need to understand that there are other religions besides Christianity. The best testimony, I can think of, is live it ! Love your friend who is not of your persuasion. If you live it, your testimony speaks volumes. In other words, I`d rather see it, than hear it. My best advice to pastors of Christian Church's, keep it out of the pulpit. Ask your congregation to live it. Welcome all into our faith. That includes Muslims ! I believe that Christ is the answer. Having professed that, I cannot shove him down any ones throat. Preach the Gospel`s ! As a lay person saved by Christ, it is most difficult not to look down on other religions. However, I know I must share him in a way to show our love and caring as Christians, if I do that, I have lived it. I am saved by the blood of Christ. I want and pray that all will come to his Kingdom by the way of Christ. I also know, that this is not to be. Some will be lost. I must not let this affect my living it and trying to persuade through my life, Jesus Christ ! Today we celebrate his resurrection from the grave. Christ lived, was crucified, buried and rose again. He did these things for us. Can we do less than live it for him ? I think not. Happy Easter. What a great word "LOVE" ! Live it.

Spes mea in Deo est.

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