Sunday, March 06, 2011

American Workers are the Best, Never Forget That Fact !

Working Hard !
by : Dana Drexler

As the local Union President of United Steel Workers Local 444 at the International Paper Mill in Cantonment Florida, I feel compelled to write about the current events and the attitudes of some elected officials and others who wish to create the division of "Haves and Have Nots." ! Most union workers have been portrayed by the media and others as lazy and entitled. The union workers at the Pensacola mill endeavor to produce a quality product at a competitive price for our customers. We have been downsized, done more with less and given wage concessions to help our location be competitive, all while supporting our communities and families. I am taking home the same wage annually as I did 10 years ago while paying more for benefits, and do not enjoy a luxury health care plan or lavish pension plan. We work shift work and still volunteer in our local sports parks, firehouses, churches and community agencies. We want quality jobs and pay in American manufacturing so communities can grow and prosper; this is not a race to the bottom. Learn the facts surrounding the issues, and educate yourself in your career and personal ideas.

Editorial : I have written this many times...Thanks Dana, for reinforcing my thoughts and prayers !

In Deo Fiducia Nostra

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