Monday, September 27, 2010

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension...It`s a Matter of Life & Breath/Death !


Heart for Transplant

( LtoR) Dr. Robbins ~ Dr. Hemnes ~ Dr. Wigger ~ Dr. DiSalvo
Vanderbilt`s Finest !

Shortness of Breath...Not Much Fun !
by Don Jones

This writer has said for sometime now, That I have Pulmonary Hypertension. I`ve learned recently that Vanderbilt Pulmonary is now, not sure of my diagnosis ! I visited Vandy Pulmonary September 23, 2010 My appointment was with Dr. Anna Hemnes, Pulmonary Specialist. I also saw my PH Nurse, Amy Mulican. After a long interview and going over the medicines I take. Dr. Hemnes arrived in my holding room. She sat down and we talked for a very lengthy time. The end results, was that she nor Dr. Ivan Robbins, Dr. Robbins is a specialist in Pulmonary Hypertension were sure that my diagnosis was/is correct ? Now, that might upset some, but I was delighted over her honesty and candor ! I have the option of going somewhere else, but, I really see no reason to leave Vanderbilt`s fine medical facility or those two wonderful Dr.`s Hemnes and Robbins ! Please be aware that, I`m a Vanderbilt Heart-Transplant 16 years post ! I`m a total success. I have written a letter of "Thank You" to Dr. Hemnes. I truly believe she is trying to find out what my problem is. I have informed her, how pleased I am with her care and treatment. I also informed her, if I was not too old, I would like Lung Transplant?
Alas, she informed me, I`m too old ! Would I have the Surgery ? In a Heartbeat(no pun intended)I also asked her not to give up on me, as I was not going to give up on myself or her ! This is a very sensitive matter. In her honesty and candor, (most would call it COPD and let it go at that) She chose to tell it, like it is, and for that I am most thankful. I once had a Pulmonary Dr. inform me that, we know a lot, but, we don`t know everything. I`m hoping that they have a monkey that they are trying out a new drug on and are having success with, I will volunteer to be their first human to try it on ! Life is a precious thing, I know that, and Vanderbilt is aware that. I`m not a hero, But Vanderbilt Medical Center and Hospital definitely are ! Vanderbilt is on the cutting edge of most medical treatments and new procedures, they develop them all of the time. Dr. Anna Hemnes, Pulmonary, is a great Dr. and human being. Dr. Ivan Robbins, Pulmonary is not only smart, but caring. Dr. Mark Wigger, Heart-Transplant Director and my Dr. is of the same cut. Dr. Thomas DiSalvo, Heart-Transplant is out of the same mold ! I`m not going to another facility unless Vanderbilt recommends it ! Why go somewhere else, when you`ve had the very best ? If I get a new diagnosis, I will pass it on to you. In the meantime, I am a mystery man !

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