Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stop The Bleeding of Our Jobs to China !

Save Jobs
Write the President and Congress
How Much More Can We Take

· Our trade imbalance with China has cost America 2.4 MILLION JOBS since 2001!

A big reason is that the Chinese Government deliberately sets its money value up to 40% lower than the dollar. This manipulation means they can sell their products up to 40% cheaper in the U.S.

· The stunning damage to jobs can be seen on a special map that shows each state and Congressional District losses. Take a look at:

We Have a Chance to Act NOW Insist that the President formally label China a “Currency Manipulator”
Urge Congress to Pass Strong Legislation with Penalties

We Have a New Quick and Easy Website Letter Writer :

Go to:
Click on: TAKE ACTION: Write to Congress and the President
Fill in: Your Name and Address Information in the Form
Click: “Send Message” an you’ve sent the message

If You Don’t Have Access to a Computer you can fill out the Letter on the Back of this Flyer and AAM will see that the President and Your Congress people get it.

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