Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Governor Ned R. McWherter(D)Tennessee, 1987-1995 Monument Fund

Governor Ned R. Mc Wherter(D)Tennessee 1987-1995

By : Don Jones

Pictured above is the Honorable Ned R. McWherter, Governor of Tennessee 1987-1995 ! In This writers opinion, one of the best Governors in my life time. It seems that his home County, Weakley County is going to erect a bronze life sized monument in his honor. I cannot think of a more deserving public servant to do this for ! When the Governor was asked about this, he said, as long as there are no public tax-payer funds used, he would endorse it ! "Thanks" Governor McWherter for all that you did and still do ! If you would like to contribute/donate to this monument in his honor, just click on the title of this article or the link below !

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