Thursday, April 30, 2009

Addictive Drugs and the Damage they Do !

Drug Addiction, it`s a Disease...4/30/09
By : Don Jones

If you have not dealt with drug addiction in your immediate family, consider yourself very fortunate. Drugs not only destroy the person taking them, they destroy entire family`s ! It is a terrible hideous disease. Our law enforcement officials are doing what they can do, which is not very much. They enforce the law. However this does not cure the disease or the problems that go along with drug addiction ! Putting a drug addict in jail is merely a temporary stopping point. I believe it is a waste of time and money. Drug cost is astronomical, I`m not just talking the cost of the drug itself, but the hidden cost it is to family`s and government agency's and society itself. I`ve heard people say, put them in jail and throw away the key. These people have never dealt with drug addiction and know not what they say. Our court system is almost totally in adequate. They cannot and have not dealt with drug addicts in a positive manner in the past or in the now ! There are seven (7) day withdrawal clinics, where a patient/addict can go and be treated for seven (7)days...My advice, is save your money. They do not work ! Then there are 30 day clinics, they work at times ! But, it is expensive ! Then there are the exclusive clinics that last six (6) months to a year. they seem to work better, but, hold on most of us cannot pay the cost of these clinics, Only the very wealthy. I believe we are already spending millions of dollars on this problem. We need to begin attacking this devastating problem from another prospective, It is a fact that, what we are now doing is not working and has not for a longtime. So a new beginning is needed, the new beginning is to treat drug addiction as a disease ! Some people will say that it is a self-inflicted addiction, I have no argument against that. However, the way we are approaching drug addiction today is not working. We may as well pour our money down a drain. So a new beginning is needed. I do not have all the answers, I just know that what we are doing in today's drug fight, is futile and cost huge amounts of money. If we are going to spend this money, and we are ! Why not spend it in a productive manner ? I have run across another approach to this problem, it is a new approach, my first reaction was not good. Then, I began to think about it, and said this a new and untried approach to dug addiction. Maybe, we should look at it more closely ? The one draw back is that it cost at the present time $12,000.00 for forty (40)days.
If I have a point, it is that we are going to spend this money on addiction one way or another. Why not try some innovative ways ? As I said earlier, what we are doing is not working ! I have said that drug addiction is the blight of the world, I hate drugs ! Drugs rob us of those people we seem to love most. If you will click on the title of this blog, it will carry you to Spirit Lake, surf the site, call for information, I did ! They will be glad to answer all your questions, if they have the answer, and if they do not have the answer, they will tell you that also. Here is the web-site again...

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