Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free Democratic Trade Unions ~ Yes ! Essential to Democracy !

Free Democratic Trade Unions...
By : Anonymous

12.4% of the work force in America is union and all I hear is that unions are the cause of the United States of America’s companies for going broke or moving to Mexico NAFTA or other off shore countries. Let’s see if all or not all public workers are union Teachers, police, fire, and other types of Government jobs are Union, what does that leave about 11% 12% that are other trade union workers such as lazy ass plumbers, electricians, roofers, pilots, engineers aviation, and even some lazy ass farm worker unions. Yet the whole world is crashing and most of the workers of world are non-union.You always claim its lazy ass auto workers and tire workers that destroyed the US of A’s economy.You’re telling me that if everyone was not union and had lower pay they would have saved the USA from all these terrible problems caused by Banks and other financial institutions and upper Management corporations and their Greed. Oh! By the way Banks and other financial institutions and upper Management CEO aren’t they non-union, and they are the main cause of this financial meltdown in America that destroyed everyone’s 401k most likely yours too, not the auto workers not the unions.My question is why, is it ok for a company to make as much profit for CEO’S and others, yet it is wrong for workers to make as much profit as possible too? So if banding together to get what we can is bad because it hurts companies, then the banding of the colonies hurt the companies of England and the King (CEO). This must be a bad and terrible thing using your logic. I guess only evil men band together whether it be for creating a country, company, or union. Those men must have been out for personal gain or profit evil greedy men.Is it bad if a person tries to get profit or gain through the stocks?Is it bad if persons (workers) band together to get profit or gain?Everyone knows trickle down does not work, why because each person does not want to give or pass down any profit or gain they receive, to those that may be below them even if you make very little income.Whenever Goodyear came to the workers and asked, we need this or that done because it will save the company and workers jobs. The union always tried to do the right thing most of the time, at what point did Goodyear ever say good job to the workers anywhere and here is profit for you, were going to trickling it down. Never without a fight did this happen and don’t tell me the union sets wages they only set a temporary bottom that wages can go. Goodyear or any company could pay more to its employee’s but for some reason the rule is always pay them sub-minimum wages why is that?Money it seems to me is used to have power over others. The last depression caused more unionizing of labor ( that's history). The banding of all workers is again starting to take hold. The greed of Wall Street has once again set this in motion, so I thank all of you in the high world of finance you soon may have nothing. Too much greed killed your golden goose.

"Thanks Buddy" ! ~ for this one, I wish, I knew who wrote this ? They were reading my mind !

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