Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tennessee Organ/Donor Registry

Please feel free to copy and paste the email below to send to your co-workers, friends and family to register on the Tennessee organ and tissue donor registry. Remember to put your name at the bottom, but make sure you leave the links as they are.

Dear Co-workers, Friends, and Family,I am happy to announce that the Tennessee Organ Donor Registry is now up and running! Please take a minute to register yourself as an organ and tissue donor to save lives in the future. One donor can save the lives of up to 8 people with organs and enhance the lives of up to 50through tissue donation.Please join me in saving lives by registering at www.tndonorregistry.org today! By clicking on the Tennessee state flag on the front page you can see the percentage in your county that are registered donors.If you are not a resident of the Tennessee please visit this link and click on your state to register there. http://www.donatelife.net/CommitToDonation Thank you for your time and commitment to saving lives!Sincerely,Misty Armour

PS. If you receive an error message when registering please forward it to Misty Armour at marmour@dcids.org so the issue can be fixed.Misty Armour Public Education Coordinator DCI Donor Services 615-564-3633


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-Scott (Campaign Manager) said...

It's great to see this in place, way to go TN!