Friday, July 13, 2007

Nitrogen in Tires...for Inflation ? Works for Me !

From Goodyear

Sent by: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Consumer Relations 728 1144 East Market Street Akron, OH 44316 Voice #: 800.321.2136 Fax #: 330.796.6829

Thank you for contacting our website.Goodyear supports the use of nitrogen, as an inflation gas, in all Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly tires, based on the ability for a tire to retain pressure for a longer period of time. The use of nitrogen will not affect the tire warranty.Please be advised that even with the use of nitrogen as an inflation gas, regular inflation pressure checks are highly recommended.We appreciate your interest in Goodyear tires.



Consumer Relations

From Michelin


Thank you for your email. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Several chemical companies are promoting the use of nitrogen as an inflation gas to the Tire Industry with claims of improved tire performance. The air we breathe and use to inflate tires chemically consists of 78% nitrogen, 20%oxygen and 2% other. When using nitrogen as an inflation gas, the composition of nitrogen increases from 78% to near 100%. Michelin supports the use of nitrogen based on its ability to better retain air over a period of time. If your questions have not been answered to your satisfaction, please call me at 1-800-847-3435 (toll-free) between 8:30AM and 6:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Sincerely, Bobby

Michelin North America Consumer Relations

Editorial : I have Nitrogen in my Family Automobile tires, Goodyear Eagle LS 2, The Tire`s run cooler and ride Gas/fuel mileage has improved noticeably. I was very doubtful. It seems I was wrong ! As you can see Michelin also recommends Nitrogen. The cost is minimal, but I believe will save you more in the long cost was $4.00 per tire.
One of my friends and readers wrote me a e-mail >
Hi Don,

I recommend the use of nitrous oxide (Laughing Gas) in the tires of your automobile. As the tire leaks, as they all do, It promotes a feeling of euphoria and helps prevent road rage.

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